About Alcorn Engraving


DSC00875         High Quality Hand Engraving by a Firearms Engravers Guild of America – Master Engraver – Gordon Alcorn.

        Gordon has utilized a variety of materials including wood, cork, and stone to evolve his passion for art – to what has become engraving metal.  Carving wood is very similar to engraving metal, and Gordon began working with a knife over 50 years ago (and still has the scars to show).  Gun engraving has fascinated him since he first saw a high-end firearm, and he began cutting metal in 2008.  In 2014 he attained the level of Master Engraver with the Firearm Engravers Guild of America.

      Contact him today to have your firearm transformed into a work of art (also known as a bar-b-que gun in some areas, pocket bling in others).

Gordon Alcorn



Firearm Engravers Guild of America – Best Engraving on a Modern Firearm 2019