Engravings Done – Firearms



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Colt MK IV Series 80 1911 in Stainless steel.   FULL coverage engraving.  DSC02037-23_edited-1

Winchester 1894 before bluing1894 Muley


S & W 629 with Nimschke style scrollP1040211

North American Arms .22 Revolver w/ Nimschke style scrollP10307635555


Glock 23 Lone Wolf SS aftermarket slide w/ Arabesque (Blackleaf) Scroll judged “Best Engraved Modern Firearm” at the 2019 F.E.G.A. convention20190214094418_IMG_0495



Floor Plate from Model 70 with Bugling ElkP1070515 cropped

Model 70 Floor Plate with Sculpted PachydermElephant Floor Plate resized

(clock-wise) Baby Browning, Colt 1908 Vest Pocket, Lone Wolf Glock Slide, Engraved Screw Heads, 1894 Butt Plate

North American Arms .22 RevolverP1040317