Cost of Engraving & Scheduling

          Your time is valuable!  So is mine!  Please Read!

          Hand engraving is time-consuming.  Quality work is very time-consuming.  My intentions are to engrave to the best of my abilities & that takes more time.  When given a budget that a customer is working with – I can give them an idea of how much engraving (coverage) I can do for them of high-quality work.    I will only do my best work for you.

          My work schedule is nearly 4 years out at this time, and having the work marked on my calendar keeps it moving closer to completion.  I usually start with a deposit of 10% to put it on my calendar and cover the costs of the initial drawings.   40% is due at the time of beginning the actual engraving work, and 50% is due before the final work is shipped to the customer.

      A typical set of knife bolsters will normally run from $400 to as much as $1000 with highly decorated animal images, and possibly more with the inclusion of inlaid gold.

      Give me a call or email me to begin the process of making your metal items (nearly all things metal  (with exceptions) can be hand engraved) into a work of art.

LETTERING – $8 per letter with a minimum of $50.   Cost per letter goes down as the number of letters goes up.


– Knife blades

– Ruger Red & Gold Label Stainless Shotguns (unless I can do some test cutting first)

– Colt Stainless MKIV Commander slides

– Plated items

– Anodized aluminum

– Cast Iron

– 6Al4V Titanium (aircraft grade and most knife makers use this) except for very shallow cuts.