Engravings Done Gallery

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Idaho Knifemakers Best of Show/Bowie  by Jerry CripeDSC01156-23

1894 Winchester before bluing1894 Muley

Small “English” Scroll on E Black knifeDSC01185-23

Sculpted 24k eagle on William Henry Knife13876284535_7084fde728_b

S&W 649 w/24k inlays (265 individual inlays)1DSC00799-23

Model 70 Floor Plate w/ Pronghorn in ProgressDSC01069-3

William Henry with Thoroughbred Horse ThemeThoroughbred B30.JPG

Sculpted Elk on Model 70 Floor PlateP1070515 cropped

 William Henry Knives w/Cross-cut Mammoth IvoryP1000065

Kimber Solo w/Curly Koa GripsP1070089

Surgical Stainless Wedding RingsDSC01326-2 - Copy

R Hatt Maple Burl Hunter w/Sculpted Pin Oak Leaves & Gold Acorns


North American Arms .22 RevolverP10307635555

Para Ordanance C6.45 LDA w/24k Gold Leaves on Arabesque ScrollPara right

Model 70 Floor Plate w/Sculpted Mule DeerDSC01204

Cigar cutter, Argentium Silver Bracelet, Bromley Bowie, Tomes Stag Muskrat, and Baby Browning with Ironwood Grips

Tears of the Sword Knife w/OctopusP1030791

S&W 629 w/ Nimsckhe style scrollP1040211

Elephant floor plate w/ Nimschke style scroll & sculpted pachydermElephant Floor Plate resized

Glock 23 w/stainless slide from Lone Wolf w/Arabesque ScrollDSC00067-2

William Henry w/coral scales, Sidelock Memorial Knife, 1894 Butt Plate, Flaming Skull on Pruyn Knife, Colt Vest Pocket 25 w/Ivory Grips

 E Black Stag Hunter w/Arabesque Scroll,  L.M. Erickson Stag Bowie, Doc Hagen Buck Eye Burl Folder

Floor Plates – Pronghorn Antelope (to be added), Mule Deer, Bugling Elk, and Elephant, all sculpted animals